Johanna Castillo Winterina — Miami, Florida – Cheater Xposed

Johanna Castillo Winterina — Miami, Florida


Johanna Castillo also known as the designer of Winterina and is also known as the Honduran JLo wanna be. Beware not only she’s fake but also a big liar and fraud. She claims she rose to the top by hard work and sacrifice. When in reality she used to be a gold digger and work in escorts years ago before she became well known. In reality she used rich old men in her past and even married a lawyer from Russia in order to get a green card also use him for his money. At the time her husband was helping her with her clothing business giving her money to open her store and for her plastic surgeries, expensive beauty treatments from spas, salons and expensive clothing also interduced her to a lot of people who later on helped her climb to the top.  Its thanks to him she is where she is at.  While she was married she had several affairs even proposed to a model who later on he used her for her money and connections (how ironic).  She also bought expressive gifts to her lovers using her husband’s money.  Also she claims to be good daughter and loved her mother.  When her mother was alive she was awful to her.  She is also a fraud.  Ladies beware some of the clothing you may have bought from her store came from a lot of thrift stores that she would buy them in good condition so she can then sale them for double the price when visit her country.  Not only that but she also tries to copy a lot of her designs from other designers.  She just changes them a little.  She is a fake, calculating, opportunist, manipulating.  She pretends to be a sweet nice down to earth woman but she is playing it so well.  She has slept with rich men even ones who were married.  She has one night stands with men she meets at the clubs in Miami.  She’s not even 100% sure who the father of her daughter is. So everyone beware of this fraud!


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